Rudy Lubin Leaves C.A.R. for Cameroon

January 1, 2014

Hunter’s Greetings!

Since I started hunting in the C.A.R. in 1973 – more than 40 years ago – I have been through my fair share of coup d’états, uprisings and evacuations. But I have always managed to keep hunting despite the loss of material and money, postponements and cancellations.

But this time, starting in December 2012, the “Séléka rebellion” that first swept through the hunting areas and safari camps in the north, where everything that couldn't’t be stolen was ultimately destroyed, finally reached Bangui. Since March 24, 2013, when President Bozizé was overthrown, the country has been in chaos with looting, rapes and uncontrolled violence by both Muslim and Christian militias. Despite the presence of 1,600 UN-sanctioned French soldiers, whose job it is to support the African MISCA Forces from neighboring countries, there is no indication that the future looks good.

At present, all State Departments from France, USA, UK, Australia, etc. have issued strong warnings not to go to C.A.R. So trying to bring hunters to such a country under such conditions would be very irresponsible.

That is why, after this last big loss, which includes my former “colleagues,” Raymond and Thierry Fécomme of Chasse, Vision, Safaris (CVS) refusing to return my hunters’ deposits, and my having to reimburse them from my personal lifetime savings, I have decided that enough is enough.

Instead, starting in 2014, I am bringing my Lord Derby eland, roan, buffalo, bongo, elephant and sitatunga hunters to Cameroon to two hunting concessions in the savanna and forest that are represented by Jean-Pierre Bernon and Club Faune in conjunction with his ground operators.

I still have one open date in the forest for 2014, and am building my 2015 safari schedule.

You can reach me at my email address: RudyLubinSafaris@aol.com, which Brooke will be looking after in my absence. She will be able to update you on prices, trophy fees, hunting conditions and camps.

Looking forward to welcoming you – now in Cameroon.

PH Rudy Lubin

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